Our Favourite Spots To Tie The Knot

Feature Image ‘Alicia and Rob’ by Ben Sowry

We like to think of ourselves as a blank canvas kind of venue here at Willow Farm. There’s no one way to do things. Creek ceremony? Sure thing. Mexican Fiesta reception. Sounds amazing. Floating on a flamingo in your wedding dress? Hell, why not? It really is up to you.

Usually, the first decision you have to make is where to hold your ceremony. It’s a super important decision, not only because this is the ‘official bit’ but also because it’s where loads of your photos will be taken. And it sets up the vibe for your whole day. So, with that in mind, here are our favourite Willow Farm spots, to tie the knot.

For wow factor, you can’t go past the old fig tree. With a blue sky backdrop, we reckon our lovely old tree is pretty iconic. Guests do have to wander down a paddock lane to get to it, but it is a really unique and beautiful spot and makes for some seriously amazing photos. If you have your heart set on a ceremony at the tree, please keep in mind that she is an ever changing prospect. With every storm she drops a few more branches, and we don’t know for sure how long we’ll have her.


Closer to the action, the dam is another pretty spot for a ceremony. There is a lovely little jetty that you can use as your back drop, or head up the hill a bit and your guests can look down onto our lovely little waterhole. There is no power source available at the dam, so if you are using our PA system, you’ll either need to hire a generator, or run an extension cord down from the house. Most celebrants do bring their own though, so check with them.  The Dam can get low during long hot periods without rain, so feel free to ask us how it’s looking if the Dam is part of your wedding plan.


Another popular spot, is under the jacaranda tree in the house garden. When our lovely old tree is in bloom, this is probably our favourite spot, especially when the purple flowers carpet the grass. Throughout the year, lovebirds opt for this spot because it’s lovely and shady for guests, is contained (no generators required) and the walk along the house verandah,  from the Bridal Suite to the waiting groom, makes a gorgeous entrance.


For our more intrepid couples, the creek offers some amazing spots to declare your undying love. It is a few hundred metres walk through some paddocks to get there, so you might want to ditch the heels, but it’s seriously breathtaking down there. For set up purposes, (or for elderly or mobility impaired guests) single car access is usually possible.



Our most recently discovered ceremony spot, is the giant fig tree that we like to call, ‘The Magic Tree’. Not to be confused with the dead fig tree, this one is teaming with green and bursting with life. The fig tree is tucked up out of the way on the creek side of the farm, about a hundred metres from the farmhouse. It’s abundant canopy creates the most delicious soft light for photos, and it’s big old trunk has a bit of a storybook quality that we just love.


Last but not least, is our party shed. Granted, it might not be the first place you consider for your ceremony. But it actually scrubs up pretty well in all its rustic glory. We had never thought of it as a potential ceremony spot until Marianna and Luke made a brave last minute decision to move in there to escape the rain, and we thought it looked awesome.

Massive thanks to all the generous photographers for allowing us to share these pictures. David Paillas Photography, Ben Sowry, David Campbell Imagery, Red Berry Photography, John Benavente, Lara Hotz PhotographyMitch Pohl and Dan Cartwright Photography. And for Monica from Hoorah Events for the amazing styling at our creek ceremony.